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To receive a medicare rebate you will need a valid referral from your GP, although you do not need a GP referral to see a psychologist.

Once you have a referral, you will be eligible for a Medicare rebate ($87.45/session), receivable after the session fee has been paid ($190 for a 50 minute session). The practice can process your rebates if you wish.
*The fee for the practice will soon be increasing to $240 for individual therapy, and the rebate to $131. The out of pocket expense will remain similar.

In one calendar year you can access up to 10 rebated psychology sessions under a Mental Health Care Plan or 20 under an Eating Disorder Plan, in person or via telehealth.

There are no Medicare rebates for couples therapy ($220 for a 50 minute session). 

*The fee for couples therapy will soon be increasing to $250.

Hannah is SIRA approved and can see clients under work cover.


Your private health insurance may provide a rebate. Please contact your private health insurance to clarify.

Referrals and fees: Resources
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